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Research Associate

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I’m a molecular biologist focus on translational research in high grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC). I work on identification of genomic biomarkers that could be applied in clinic as diagnostic, prognostic and predictive biomarkers helping in better patient stratification, earlier disease diagnosis, monitoring patient response to treatment and improving on patient management during the course of treatment. In my research I use variety of specimens like tumour tissue and body fluids (blood, plasma, ascites). I have a special interest in molecular characterisation of ascites samples from HGSOC patients. My research focus around development and implementation of new genomic technologies with potential application in clinic like shallow whole genome sequencing for copy number alternations detection, alternative tumour tissue fixative methods (UMFIX vs. NBF), mutant DNA detection in body fluids. The translational research I’m involved in requires close collaboration with Addenbrook’s hospital and Cancer Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory. I’m engaged in several clinical trails (ARIEL2, PISSARO, ICON7, ICON8, MADCaP, PHL-093 Toronto, OZM-061 Toronto) and collaborate with scientists from other research centres: University of Calgary (Canada),  NKI (The Netherlands), VU University Medical Centre (The Netherlands), Institute of Cancer Sciences University of Glasgow (UK). I’m also actively involved in Genomics England effort.

In addition to research I like sharing cancer research knowledge with the public, I participate in Cambridge Science Festival every year.

If I’m not in the lab I enjoy riding a motorbike, mountain hiking/climbing, swimming and practicing yoga.



2010-current Research Associate, Brenton group, CRUK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge, UK

 2005-2010 PhD in Medical Science (specialty: Basic Science), Department of Biology and Genetics, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland

2000-2010 MSc in Molecular Biology, Department of Biology and Genetics, University of Gdansk, Poland 

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Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
University of Cambridge
Li Ka Shing Centre
Robinson Way
Cambridge CB2 0RE

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