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Authors Research group E-pub datesort ascending Journal name Citation info
Division-independent differentiation mandates proliferative competition amo... A. Reilein, D. Melamed, S. Tavare and D. Kalderon Tavaré Group 19 Mar 2018 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A n/a
Simulating the component counts of combinatorial structures R. Arratia, A.D. Barbour, W.J. Ewens and S. Tavare Tavaré Group 13 Feb 2018 Theor Popul Biol n/a
Appraising the relevance of DNA copy number loss and gain in prostate cance... N. Camacho, P. Van Loo, S. Edwards, J.D. Kay, L. Matthews, K. Haase, J. Cla... Neal Group, Tavaré Group, Histopathology 26 Sep 2017 PLoS Genet 13(9):e1007001
Synthetic lethality between androgen receptor signalling and the PARP pathw... M. Asim, F. Tarish, H.I. Zecchini, K. Sanjiv, E. Gelali, C.E. Massie, A. Ba... Tavaré Group, Histopathology, Light microscopy, Pre-clinical imaging 31 Aug 2017 Nat Commun 8(1):374
New Model for Estimating Glomerular Filtration Rate in Patients With Cancer T. Janowitz, E.H. Williams, A. Marshall, N. Ainsworth, P.B. Thomas, S.J. Sa... Jodrell Group, Tavaré Group 8 Jul 2017 J Clin Oncol ():Jco2017727578
Impact of mutations in Toll-like receptor pathway genes on esophageal carci... Fels Elliott DR, Perner J, Li X, Symmons MF, Verstak B, Eldridge M, Bower L... Tavaré Group, Bioinformatics 30 May 2017 PLoS Genetics 13(5):e1006808
A comparative analysis of whole genome sequencing of oesophageal adenocarci... A. Noorani, J. Bornschein, A.G. Lynch, M. Secrier, A. Achilleos, M. Eldridg... Bioinformatics, Tavaré Group 4 May 2017 Genome Res n/a
Mining Human Prostate Cancer Datasets: The "camcAPP" Shiny App M.J. Dunning, S.L. Vowler, E. Lalonde, H. Ross-Adams, P. Boutros, I.G. Mill... Bioinformatics, Tavaré Group 2 Mar 2017 EBioMedicine n/a
Mutational signatures in esophageal adenocarcinoma define etiologically dis... M. Secrier, X. Li, N. de Silva, M.D. Eldridge, G. Contino, J. Bornschein, S... Bioinformatics, Tavaré Group 7 Sep 2016 Nat Genet n/a
Whole blood mRNA in prostate cancer reveals a 4-gene androgen regulated pan... B. Thomas, J. Kay, S. Menon, S. Vowler, S. Dawson, L. Bucklow, H. Luxton, T... Tavaré Group, Bioinformatics 30 Aug 2016 Endocr Relat Cancer n/a