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Authors Research group E-pub datesort ascending Journal name Citation info
BaalChIP: Bayesian analysis of allele-specific transcription factor binding... I. de Santiago, W. Liu, K. Yuan, M. O'Reilly, C.S. Chilamakuri, B.A. P... Ponder Group, Markowetz Group 27 Feb 2017 Genome Biol 18(1):39
Identification of Post-Transcriptional Modulators of Breast Cancer Transcri... T.M. Campbell, M.A. Castro, B.A. Ponder and K.B. Meyer Ponder Group 21 Dec 2016 PLoS One 11(12):e0168770
FGFR2 risk SNPs confer breast cancer risk by augmenting oestrogen responsiv... T.M. Campbell, M.A. Castro, I. de Santiago, M.N. Fletcher, S. Halim, R. Pra... Ponder Group 29 May 2016 Carcinogenesis
Regulators of genetic risk of breast cancer identified by integrative netwo... Castro, M. A. de Santiago, I. Campbell, T. M. Vaughn, C. Hickey, T. E. Ross... Markowetz Group, Ponder Group 30 Nov 2015 Nature Genetics
Fine-scale mapping of the 5q11.2 breast cancer locus reveals at least three... D.M. Glubb, M.J. Maranian, K. Michailidou, K.A. Pooley, K.B. Meyer, S. Kar,... Ponder Group 23 Dec 2014 Am J Hum Genet 96(1):5-20
FGF receptor genes and breast cancer susceptibility: results from the Breas... D. Agarwal;S. Pineda;K. Michailidou;J. Herranz;G. Pita;L. T. Moreno;M. R. A... Ponder Group 20 Feb 2014 Br J Cancer 110(4):1088-100
Fine-scale mapping of the FGFR2 breast cancer risk locus: putative function... K. B. Meyer;M. O'Reilly;K. Michailidou;S. Carlebur;S. L. Edwards;J. D.... Ponder Group 3 Dec 2013 Am J Hum Genet n/a
TOX3 mutations in breast cancer J. O. Jones;S. F. Chin;L. A. Wong-Taylor;D. Leaford;B. A. Ponder;C. Caldas;... Ponder Group, Caldas Group 27 Sep 2013 PLoS One 8(9):e74102
Master regulators of FGFR2 signalling and breast cancer risk M. N. Fletcher;M. A. Castro;X. Wang;I. de Santiago;M. O'Reilly;S. F. C... Ponder Group, Markowetz Group, Caldas Group 18 Sep 2013 Nat Commun 4():2464
Functional variants at the 11q13 risk locus for breast cancer regulate cycl... J. D. French;M. Ghoussaini;S. L. Edwards;K. B. Meyer;K. Michailidou;S. Ahme... Ponder Group 2 Apr 2013 Am J Hum Genet 92(4):489-503