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Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

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Heterogeneous Tumor-Immune Microenvironments among Differentially Growing M... A. Jimenez-Sanchez, D. Memon, S. Pourpe, H. Veeraraghavan, Y. Li, H.A. Varg... Miller Group 26 Aug 2017 Cell 170(5):927-38.e20
Integrin-alpha10 Dependency Identifies RAC and RICTOR as Therapeutic Target... T. Okada, A.Y. Lee, L.X. Qin, N. Agaram, T. Mimae, Y. Shen, R. O'Conno... Miller Group 1 Sep 2016 Cancer Discov n/a
Pan-Cancer Analysis of Mutation Hotspots in Protein Domains M.L. Miller, E. Reznik, N.P. Gauthier, B.A. Aksoy, A. Korkut, J. Gao, G. Ci... Miller Group 3 May 2016 Cell Syst 1(3):197-209
Mitochondrial DNA copy number variation across human cancers E. Reznik, M.L. Miller, Y. Senbabaoglu, N. Riaz, J. Sarungbam, S.K. Tickoo,... Miller Group 24 Feb 2016 Elife 5():
Genomic Classification of Cutaneous Melanoma N. Cancer Genome Atlas Miller Group 18 Jun 2015 Cell 161(7):1681-96
Cancer immunology. Mutational landscape determines sensitivity to PD-1 bloc... N.A. Rizvi, M.D. Hellmann, A. Snyder, P. Kvistborg, V. Makarov, J.J. Havel,... Miller Group 3 Apr 2015 Science 348(6230):124-8
Friends not foes: CTLA-4 blockade and mTOR inhibition cooperate during CD8+... V.A. Pedicord, J.R. Cross, W. Montalvo-Ortiz, M.L. Miller and J.P. Allison Miller Group 1 Mar 2015 J Immunol 194(5):2089-98