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Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Authors Research group E-pub datesort ascending Journal name Citation info
SoxF factors induce Notch1 expression via direct transcriptional regulation... I.K. Chiang, M. Fritzsche, C. Pichol-Thievend, A. Neal, K. Holmes, A. Lagen... Carroll Group 18 Jun 2017 Development n/a
Embryonic transcription factor SOX9 drives breast cancer endocrine resistan... R. Jeselsohn, M. Cornwell, M. Pun, G. Buchwalter, M. Nguyen, C. Bango, Y. H... Carroll Group 17 May 2017 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A n/a
Novel androgen receptor co-regulator GRHL2 exerts both oncogenic and anti-m... S. Paltoglou, R. Das, S.L. Townley, T. Hickey, G. Tarulli, I. Coutinho, R.C... Carroll Group 6 May 2017 Cancer Res n/a
The logic of transcriptional regulator recruitment architecture at cis-regu... J. Dubois-Chevalier, V. Dubois, H. Dehondt, P. Mazrooei, C. Mazuy, A.A. Ser... Carroll Group 13 Apr 2017 Genome Res n/a
ERRalpha induces H3K9 demethylation by LSD1 to promote cell invasion J. Carnesecchi, C. Forcet, L. Zhang, V. Tribollet, B. Barenton, R. Boudra, ... Carroll Group 30 Mar 2017 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A n/a
Pharmacological targeting of the transcription factor SOX18 delays breast c... J. Overman, F. Fontaine, M. Moustaqil, D. Mittal, E. Sierecki, N. Sacilotto... Carroll Group 1 Feb 2017 Elife 6():
FOXA1 Directs H3K4 Monomethylation at Enhancers via Recruitment of the Meth... K.M. Jozwik, I. Chernukhin, A.A. Serandour, S. Nagarajan and J.S. Carroll Carroll Group 8 Dec 2016 Cell Rep 17(10):2715-23
Comprehensive assessment of estrogen receptor beta antibodies in cancer cel... A.W. Nelson, A.J. Groen, J.L. Miller, A.Y. Warren, K.A. Holmes, G.A. Tarull... Carroll Group, Histopathology 28 Nov 2016 Mol Cell Endocrinol 440():138-50
Deciphering the divergent roles of progestogens in breast cancer J.S. Carroll, T.E. Hickey, G.A. Tarulli, M. Williams and W.D. Tilley Carroll Group 26 Nov 2016 Nat Rev Cancer n/a
Androgen and estrogen receptors in breast cancer co-regulate human UDP-gluc... D.G. Hu, L. Selth, G. Tarulli, R. Meech, A. Chanawong, D. Wijayakumara, R. ... Caldas Group, Carroll Group 9 Aug 2016 Cancer Res n/a