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Authors Research group E-pub datesort ascending Journal name Citation info
The Profile and Dynamics of RNA Modifications in Animals P. van Delft, A. Akay, S.M. Huber, C. Bueschl, K.L.M. Rudolph, T. Di Domeni... Balasubramanian Group 28 Apr 2017 Chembiochem n/a
DNA G-quadruplexes in the human genome: detection, functions and therapeuti... R. Hansel-Hertsch, M.D. Antonio and S. Balasubramanian Balasubramanian Group 23 Feb 2017 Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol n/a
CX-5461 is a DNA G-quadruplex stabilizer with selective lethality in BRCA1/... H. Xu, M. Di Antonio, S. McKinney, V. Mathew, B. Ho, N.J. O'Neil, N.D.... Balasubramanian Group, Brenton Group, Caldas Group 18 Feb 2017 Nat Commun 8():14432
Gender Differences in Global but Not Targeted Demethylation in iPSC Reprogr... I. Milagre, T.M. Stubbs, M.R. King, J. Spindel, F. Santos, F. Krueger, M. B... Balasubramanian Group 2 Feb 2017 Cell Rep 18(5):1079-89
Genome-wide mapping of 5-hydroxymethyluracil in the eukaryote parasite Leis... F. Kawasaki, D. Beraldi, R.E. Hardisty, G.R. McInroy, P. van Delft and S. B... Balasubramanian Group 1 Feb 2017 Genome Biol 18(1):23
G-quadruplex structures within the 3' UTR of LINE-1 elements stimulate... A.B. Sahakyan, P. Murat, C. Mayer and S. Balasubramanian Balasubramanian Group 31 Jan 2017 Nat Struct Mol Biol n/a
Single genome retrieval of context-dependent variability in mutation rates ... A.B. Sahakyan and S. Balasubramanian Balasubramanian Group 15 Jan 2017 BMC Genomics 18(1):81
Identification of small molecule inhibitors of the Lin28-mediated blockage ... H.L. Lightfoot, E.A. Miska and S. Balasubramanian Balasubramanian Group 2 Nov 2016 Org Biomol Chem n/a
Retinol and ascorbate drive erasure of epigenetic memory and enhance reprog... T.A. Hore, F. von Meyenn, M. Ravichandran, M. Bachman, G. Ficz, D. Oxley, F... Balasubramanian Group 11 Oct 2016 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A n/a
G-quadruplex structures mark human regulatory chromatin R. Hansel-Hertsch, D. Beraldi, S.V. Lensing, G. Marsico, K. Zyner, A. Parry... Balasubramanian Group, Light microscopy 13 Sep 2016 Nat Genet n/a