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Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute


The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (CRUK CI) focuses on the application of high-quality basic and translational research for the practical benefit of patients.

The CRUK CI has attracted international attention for the quality of our recruitment, and for our research strategy and portfolio, which integrates laboratory science, computational biology and clinical medicine. Interactions with chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering, as well as the more conventional disciplines based in biology, are key features of our approach. Truly novel ideas have already arisen out of these connections.

For example, hyperpolarised carbon-13 spectroscopic imaging, a technique that can increase the sensitivity of MRI by more than 10,000 times, will soon undergo patient trials in a project led by Kevin Brindle. The METABRIC project, co-led by Carlos Caldas, used expertise from many CI staff and collaborators world-wide to generate a new classification of 2,000 breast cancers with clinical follow-up. The Cambridge Pancreatic Cancer Centre, led by Duncan Jodrell, is carrying out the first tests of novel pancreatic cancer therapeutics in patients.

In January 2013 we became part of the University of Cambridge. We continue to receive substantial core funding from Cancer Research UK, which fully supports our activities. Cancer is one of the University's strategic research initiatives, so one of the advantages of the transfer is that it will strengthen interactions with our University colleagues.

The last year has begun a period of expansion for the Institute, with the development of the building's third floor to host up to 90 bioinformatics researchers, as well as more offices, meeting rooms, communal areas and laboratory space. This expansion will allow us to consolidate our bioinformatics expertise into one area of the building, increase our statistical and computational research base, and further support  our scientific research programmes. We also anticipate recruitment of new experimental groups to support our theme of functional genomics.

Our website will give you a taste of the quality and breadth of research that is being undertaken at the CRUK CI.

Simon Tavaré
Director, CRUK Cambridge Institute
Professor of Cancer Research, Department of Oncology
Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

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